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We have over 25 years of Computer Repair Services in Houston Area including Virus, Malware, Spyware, Ad-ware, Popups, Slow Computer, Upgrades, Power Failure, Installation, Data Loss, Security, Hardware, and Software   


 Desktop Repair Services

 Laptop Repair Services

 Windows Install and Upgrades

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Malware and Virus Removal

Data Backup and Recovery

Remote Support 

Network Cabling

Laptop and Desktop Computer Repair Serving the Houston Area

We can speed up that old computer without having to purchase a new one. Start and Boot Up Problems 

Virus and Malware Removal 

Blue Screen of Death 

Windows Operating System Repair

Reformat Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 

Migration from Windows 7,8 to 10 Windows 

Operating System Clean Up 

Hardware Replacement: RAM, Hard Drive, Video Cards, PCI cards, Power Supply and more!

Data and Hard Drive Recovery of Houston

There are many reasons why hard drives fail but some include power surges, overwriting, physical damages, natural disasters, and viruses.  Is your hard drive making a clicking sound?  Are you having issues booting up your computer?  Do you think your files are gone?  Think again, cause Data Recovery of Houston can help.  We can help you get back your important personal data such as videos, music, photos, and other documents.  The hard drive may not boot up on your computer but our expert technicians can pull the hardrive out and test it to see if recovery is possible.  More times than none it is possible to recover your files.

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Computer Repair and Data Recovery of Houston

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